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Things have been hectic to say the least, but I am back with these book round ups. I enjoy them very much and hope that you find them useful!

Here is the idea: I read quite a bit (as much as life, and work allow me to). It is my own self-care recipe. Reading keeps me entertained, and teaches me a lot about many things. If you do not read, then you’re missing out. No, truly. I am a true believer that we should all enjoy books, reading. All it takes is choosing the right book, the right story for you, and you’ll be hooked.

There are so many options now. There are audiobooks, and ebooks, and regular, old fashioned books. Large print, and regular print. Really, give reading a try.

Summers are when I usually read the most. But it isn’t all summers that you have two kiddos getting ready to start college. And so reading (and pretty much everything else) took a backseat for a bit. Nevertheless, I did squeeze a bit of reading.

From My Shelf to Yours: July 2017 Book Recommendations

Crazy House by James Patterson

A total page-turner. I was a tad confused when I first started reading this, as I did not read any of the reviews, or excerpts. It turned out that Crazy House is a YA dystopian lit book, so I was in book-heaven.

Becca (the protagonist) finds herself taken from her hometown. She has no clue who, why, or where she is being taken, but it becomes clear that it will be no walk in the park.

Au contraire. Her life in this new place is pure hell. Everyone who is a prisoner there is very young, and as time goes by, she finds out that they were taken from their hometowns in pretty much the same way as she was. She also finds out, that they never meant to take her. It turns out, they really meant to take her twin sister, Cassie.

I have to say, I really got into the story on this one. It’s not only very interesting, and engaging. It’s also thought provoking, and scary. But most of all, I could totally picture the storyline as something that is not really too far fetched. Crazy House truly is one of those stories that you can totally picture as the future of the world we currently live in.

I ended up getting pretty mad when I finished reading Crazy House though. If there is one thing that can annoy me, and make me extremely mad, is an obvious cliffhanger in a story. Not the ones where you have to imagine an ending. Nope. I mean the ones where there is really no ending. Where you need to make up a continuation to the story in order to bring it to an end.

Crazy House was like that. And as mean as I can be, I made my daughter read it. I told her it was incredible and that she’d love it. Which she did. But she was just as annoyed as I was 😉 After that I did some digging around and it turns out, Crazy House is actually book 1 of a series!

We were both so excited! I don’t think part 2 of Crazy House is out yet, or that there is even a date for its publication. But we sure as heck are impatiently waiting for it!

Postcards from the Edge by Carrie Fisher

Witty and hilarious as ever, Carrie Fisher presents the story of Suzanne Vale, a young actress who is working truly hard to kick her addiction to the curb.

Almost like an autobiography, Postcards from the Edge describes, with a ton of humor and truthfulness, what life growing up in  and a career in Hollywood are like for Suzanne. We watch as she comes to terms with her stint at a rehab hospital, and then as she readjusts to life on the outside, while staying sober, in an environment that is not conductive to sobriety.

Postcards from the Edge is quite funny, as Carrie Fisher’s books tend to be. I recommend this book to anyone who has no issues with a bit of self-deprecating humor.

WordPress for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

I gotta say, I have never been able to get into any of these “for dummies” guides. I am not sure if the title itself blocks any real interest I might have on the book, but I just never seem to get into them.

It’s happened in the past. With Blogging for Dummies I felt just as blah as with this one, which means that even though I had great intentions, I can not be drawn to the darn book, no matter what. And since my to-read list is ten miles long, I am not out of reading options. Ever.

I have always read great things about these guides and wouldn’t want to give anyone the wrong impression. No, I can’t recommend WordPress for Dummies with the clear conscience of someone who has read it. However, what I can say with all honesty is that the book is positively reviewed everywhere. And that just because I can’t get into it, doesn’t mean the book is bad.

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg

This book has excellent reviews. And there is a good reason for it. Habits are what make up the majority of our everyday tasks, and actions. They are the things that we do, without having to think about them, like backing up the car out of the garage. Or driving straight to work, even when we had planned to stop by somewhere else on our way there.

The Power of Habit came highly recommended by many fellow business women. The reason is this: as entrepreneurs, we are all constantly trying to improve how we do things, how we do business. Since we are (mostly) our own bosses, we do not have anyone telling us where to go, what to do, or when or how to do things.

So we must figure out how to create the habits that are most beneficial for our lives, and our business.

I enjoyed reading The Power of Habit so much! It took me back to the main reason why I decided to study forensic psychology: the workings of the human mind, the way the environment affects us, and the power of an established routine, are incredibly fascinating to me.

In The Power of Habit, the author explains in great detail how habits work. While Charles Duhigg is incredibly thorough, and provides plenty of examples, and studies, the book is far from dull.

Think about it: we all have these pesky habits that we’d like to change. It could be anything from smoking, drinking, learning to say no to stop feeling so overwhelmed, eating too much junk, etc.

Now, what if I told you that it is, indeed, possible to change those habits? That it is, in fact, possible to make better choices, and change those bad habits for good? Well, in The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg does just that. He gives the reader a formula, a way to make the necessary changes so that our business (and our lives) can be more productive.

Since reading The Power of Habit I have been looking really hard into those bad habits that I’d like to change. It isn’t easy, especially for those things that I have been doing for way too long. But there is hope. I know that if I look at things correctly, and work hard, I can replace some of my bad habits with new, and better ones.


Well, there you have it. This small and humble list of books is all I have for the month of July. They all took longer to read than I expected, plus I had very little time, but these books were a joy to read (with the obvious exception, of course).

What’s on your reading list? Share with us in the comments, and inspire others to pick a good book and read!

From My Shelf to Yours: July 2017 Book Recommendations

From My Shelf to Yours: July 2017 Book Recommendations




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