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The June 2017 list is finally here! It’s nowhere near as long as past lists have been though. For starters, June was graduation month. I still cannot believe my Thing 1 and Thing 2 graduated high school! June was certainly a hectic month for us, with prepping and planning things, family coming from out of town AND out of state and more.

Add to that my Mother in Law’s stint at the hospital and life in general, and I think I consider myself lucky I found any time to read anything.

And of course, that was just the start of a crazy summer for us. With my college/life/adulthood prep plans, me taking lots of courses (yes, bloggers do need to educate themselves too), and yes, life. Because that one never ends 😉

Anyway, here is my tiny list of books for June 2017. I didn’t get much time to read, but I did enjoy everything I read. Reading is my #1 way of relaxing, and entertaining. It really helps me relieve stress, and focus. If you find that you don’t like reading, I suggest you keep looking. Chances are, it is not that you don’t like it; you just haven’t found the right book (s) for you.

From My Shelf to Yours: June 2017 Book Recommendations

Hidden by James Patterson & James O. Born

While I had read some not so positive reviews on this book, I decided to give it a shot anyway. If you know anything about my reading preferences, you already know I am a die hard James Patterson fan so I read everything with his name on it.

And for good reason! Hidden turned out to be a pretty good read, as I expected. Some of the complaints I read are, that there were some loose ends that never got tied up. And that some things were unclear. But, that is not necessarily a bad thing, especially for an author that produces series, after series of amazing books. That means, that quite possibly, those unclear details might be resolved later on.

In Hidden, Mitchum faces a deeply personal problem: his beloved teenage cousin is missing. As the unofficial town’s private eye, he is the obvious choice for the quest of finding her alive and well. But as with all personal situations, Mitchum struggles to keep a clear head so he can focus on the task at hand.

It is not only him who is affected by his cousin’s disappearance though. The rest of his family is as well. And while solving that mystery, he will uncover a few other things that were Hidden as well.

I Funny School of Laughs by James Patterson & Chris Grabenstein

Yet another excellent I Funny book, continues Jamie’s story. Jamie is a stand up comedian, except he is not really standing up, since he is on a wheelchair. His life hasn’t been easy since the accident that took his parents’ and his sister’s lives.

Not only did he experience a great loss, but the accident also left him paralyzed from the waist down. He was of course, deeply saddened by it all, especially at first. However, the doctors at the hospital encouraged him to read joke books, and make up his own jokes, because, as we all know, laughter can be a great medicine.

And it worked! Yes, he is still sad. But he found himself feeling better and better. He also found so much more. He found motivation. Jamie also found that he was really good at comedy, and started practicing with everyone he knew.

Soon, with his favourite uncle’s help, he decided to take part of a kid’s stand up comedy competition. After round after round, he won, with his witty and self deprecating sense of humor. This lead to fame and his own TV show.

It is right after he starts filming said show that I Funny School of Laughs takes place. Jamie has personal problems, just like everybody else. But now, he faces something else. His school’s principal, along with his croonies, is planning on turning the school library into a gym!

I think what I loved the most is the idea that, no matter how many electronics are invented, there are still some kids who care about libraries. Among hilarious situations, jokes, and other not so funny moments, Jamie and his best friends fight the good fight, and do everything they can to save the library.

I have been reading all these books for young readers for a long time now. They are entertaining, funny and make for some easy to read options, ideal for hectic, busy days. While I haven’t started reading them with Ms Emma yet, I’d highly recommend them and will report back when I do. She will surely love them, and I will also share her opinion on them.

Detective Cross by James Patterson

This was yet another fascinating, fast paced read. I have been reading the Alex Cross series for many, many years and they are truly amazing books. What I love the most about Alex Cross is his beautiful family life. He is a great example of tradition and respect for your elders.

While he is a grown, married man, and father of three, it is his sweet grandmother who commands their home and family life. That pulls at my heartstrings, since that is exactly how I grew up, surrounded by my elders and with a huge sense of respect for them and their rules.

Anyway, in Detective Cross, Alex and his wife, Bree Stone are faced with yet another crazy criminal. This criminal calls Bree on her personal phone, with threats or promises to blow up several spots in Washington D.C., which is where the Cross family lives. And while all this is happening, Alex continues to juggle his private psychology practice.

Alex Cross is a busy man, who also has many talents.

I think what I liked the most about Detective Cross was, that it gave me the chance to delve into Alex Cross’ story, without the need to commit to a lot of reading time. See, most Cross’ books are huge hardcover books, but this one is a tiny Bookshot.

As I have mentioned before, Bookshots are a series of small books, created by James Patterson. They are bite size incredible stories that engage the mind, entertain, but that can also be consumed in a few short hours.

I find Bookshots to be ideal for train or plane trips, or long car rides (unless you are the driver, in which case, please do not read!). Well, if you like Audiobooks, that could be an option for the driver to “read”, I guess. I am not a fan but I know some people love them. And a Bookshot that is also an Audiobook, sounds like an incredible option.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

What a book. If there is something that grabs me by the neck and doesn’t let go, is a book with a compelling story and an unexpected twist ending. OK, make that a twisted ending.

In The Girl on the Train, we dive into Rachel’s past and present life. Her personal struggles with alcoholism and depression, which originate with the loss of her unborn baby and her subsequent divorce consume her. But then she finds some solace in what she imagines the lives of a couple who live near her former home is like.

Every single day, Rachel takes the same train, supposedly to go to work. And from that train, she can see clearly into the backyard of the couple, whom she names “Jess and Jason”, and for whom she imagines a near perfect life.

But as we go deeper and deeper into the story, we find that their life is far from perfect. And we also get a good glimpse into Jess’ life, which offers much more details. When “Jess” disappears, Rachel finds herself in a confused state of mind. She knows she is missing some crucial information that could help solve the mystery, but it all seems to be trapped inside her mind.

And as things start to clear in her mind, she also discovers some hard, and scary truths about her life, past and present.

I really loved The Girl on the Train. My daughter read it first and recommended it to me but I felt hesitant. See, I loved Gone Girl, but found it a bit slow at times. And The Girl on the Train comes as highly recommended for Gone Girl fans.That made me think I was in for another slow paced, but interesting read, and I wasn’t sure I was up for the challenge at the time.

I am certainly glad I read it though. The Girl on the Train is an interesting and exciting thriller, with one of those surprising and twisted endings that I love so much.

 16th Seduction by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

This the 16th work of the Women’s Murder Club series, and Patterson and Paetro did not disappoint. In 16th Seduction, we get to follow Lindsay Boxer again, while she struggles to cope with her marital problems, all in the midst of her highly demanding work days.

Lindsay and Joe, her husband, have been separated for a while. This is the direct consequence of Joe’s job and the high amount of secrecy that it requires. Their struggles are very real, and also very new. Up until the previous book, Lindsay and Joe enjoyed a rather beautiful, and strong relationship.

But in 15th Affair all that is put to the test. Now, in 16th Seduction, Lindsay is trying really hard to get her happy family life in order. And Joe is all on board. The issue now is, her family life, her job, her city and their safety is compromised by crime that hits home all too closely.

I’m not saying much more. 16th Seduction is full of suspense, thrilling and fast paced, and if, like me, you are a huge fan of the Women’s Murder Club series, then you’ll want to get this one. I can promise you, it will be just as amazing as the previous books in the series.

Not sure what the Women’s Murder Club is? Well, to put it simply, it is a series of 16 books, with a couple Bookshots (The Trial and The Medical Examiner) thrown in there for good measure. The club is not so much a club but more like four best friends who love getting together to brainstorm, eat, have a few drinks, and why not, solve a few crimes here and there. And they sort of dubbed themselves the Women’s Murder Club.

Lindsay, Claire, Cindy, and Yuki are, a cop, a medical examiner, a journalist, and an ADA, respectively. Their jobs interconnect constantly, and each brings their own expertise and experiences to the table, whenever the Women’s Murder Club gets together.

I mostly love how they love and support each other, even thru disagreements and even when their jobs might not connect in the most positive of ways all the time. They portray real women, with professions, work, love, families, pain, struggles, and all the good and bad things that come with the crazy adventure that life is.

There you have it. These are my June 2017 book recommendations. I can honestly say that I enjoyed them all and would recommend you give them a try. In case it isn’t obvious, I absolutely love James Patterson and read everything he writes with gusto.

I sincerely hope your curiosity is picked and you are willing to give some (if not all) of these books a chance. I can guarantee you it will be worth your time 😉

What are you currently reading? Share with us in the comment session. I am always down for some more reading material 😉

From my Shelf to Yours: June 2017 Book Recommendations

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From my shelf to yours: june 2017 book recommendations

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