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It’s finally here! Due to an incredibly crazy 2 months, the May list is going live super late, and I apologize for that. But, better late than never, right?

As promised, every month I will be creating a list of the books I have read the previous month. I will also include short descriptions and my thoughts on the books. The idea is to entice my readers to read. I love books so much, and I think that we should all engage in such an amazing activity. If you think books are not for you, then it could be that you haven’t found the book that will steal your heart yet.

But fear no more. I have my obvious favourites, both authors and genre, of course. I do, however, veer off course often and I believe that you will find something that you like, if you dare give it a try.

Without further ado, here is the list of books I read during May 2017.

From My Shelf to Yours: May 2017 Book Recommendations

Delusions of Grandma by Carrie Fisher

Cora and Ray meet and start a less than perfect relationship. Cora is a writer and Ray is a lawyer. Their time together is very complicated. Their careers, their lifestyles and the sickness and death of a dear friend of Cora thrown in there for good measure, do nothing but complicate things even further.

Destiny (or fate) will play them a trick, by bringing a child into the mix. This makes them both realize that they must somehow work things out, even if not as a couple. Cora’s mother turns out to be quite the influence on her and on her parenting choices.

Overall, I liked this book, but it is not my Carrie Fisher’s favourite. It was definitely entertaining, as all her books are. But it didn’t engage my attention like others have in the past. Would I recommend it? Sure. I (almost) always recommend the books I read. The reason for this is, we are all different, and so what impacts me in a way, may impact others in opposite or just different ways.

And if you’re a Carrie Fisher fan, then you must read this book. The way I see it, if you love an author, you must give all her or his work a chance ๐Ÿ˜‰

Brighter than the sun (KGI Series Book 11) by Maya Banks

This is the story of how the only single Kelly brother, Joe Kelly, meets and falls for Zoe. Zoe’s real name is Stella, and she is the daughter of a crime lord. When Joe Kelly meets her, she is trying to escape the life her father leads, and also enemies of her father, who have used her, hurt her, and most recently, tried to kill her. To do all this, her and Rusty, Joe’s only sister, come up with a whole new identity for her, hence the name change.

But Rusty, who is Zoe’s best (and possibly only) friend, does much more than just help her change her name. She helps her create a whole new identity, complete with online presence, a past life and more.

In Brighter than the Sun, we also catch some glimpses of what looks like a new promising love story, between Rusty and Sean, the town’s sheriff.ย Rusty tries (unsuccessfully) to get his attention and Sean keeps screwing it all up, ultimately driving her away from everyone, even the Kelly family.

I loved this book. I have read a lot (probably all) of Maya Banks books the last few years. While I do like most of her stories, I have found some of them to be sort of “draggy” and slow. However, the KGI series is definitely my favourite of all her collections. They all contain just the right amount of action, romance and “sexy time” to make them a must-read.

Malicious by James Patterson & James O. Born

Mitchum is back! This is another fabulous Bookshot by James Patterson. In Malicious, Mitchum is faced with what seems like an impossible feat: his older brother, a lowlife, drug dealer named Natty is facing a long prison term, if found to be guilty of killing another drug dealer.

To make matters worse, Paul, the deceased drug dealer is also Natty and Mitchum’s childhood friend. This makes the matter deeply personal to Mitchum. If that was not enough, Natty had developed feelings for Paul’s widow prior to his murder, which makes him the perfect suspect. Or the perfect scapegoat.

Mitchum was first introduced in Hidden: a Mitchum Story, where he had the scary task of finding his teenage cousin, after she disappeared without a trace. I loved Hidden as well, as it was as fast paced and engaging as all James Patterson’s books tend to be.

This Bookshot was very entertaining, fast paced and an easy read. It provided some much needed reading time on my busy weekend. At the same time, the story line wasn’t too complicated to follow, which allowed me to relax and enjoy my downtime.

I love love love Bookshots! They are the perfect example that quality, and entertaining reading does not have to have 800+ pages. They are also the perfect option for busy people, with very little time for reading for fun.

Surrender the Pink by Carrie Fisher

This another super fun story by the beloved Carrie Fisher! In Surrender the Pink, we meet Dinah Kauffman, who is a soap opera writer. Dinah is in a state of denial, when she finds out that her ex-husband is in a new, committed relationship with another woman.

The story takes us back and forth, from the present to some significant moments in the lives of Dinah and Rudy, starting from the moment they met, to their present circumstances.

What triggers Dinah’s desire to get back with Rudy is this new relationship he is in. And as it happens, she finds out about it right after they spend one night together. Both Dinah and Rudy are pretty complicated beings, which undoubtedly caused their relationship’s demise. But it’ll take some time and self discovery on Dinah’s part to be able to let it go and carry on with her life.

As I have mentioned before, I deeply enjoy Carrie Fisher’s books. I find her self-deprecating humor quite fun, even when she tells a fictional story.

The Shut-In by James Patterson and Duane Swierczynski

Darn, was this Bookshot awesome or what? Fast paced, short and with a dash of suspense, The Shut-In turned out to be much better than I thought!

Tricia is a young woman who has to remain inside her apartment at all times, due to a medical condition. Well, maybe not at all times, but somehow she has found herself confined to her tiny apartment, with minimum human interaction and watching life from afar. Literally.

See, Tricia owns a drone, which she (illegally, I should add) sends out into the real world to get a glimpse of what her neighbors and other unsuspecting humans are up to in their everyday lives. She finds these small virtual trips to be a respite of her dull, lonely life. Until her drone allows her a front row seat in what appears to be the commission of a crime.

I won’t say more. I have already given way too many details. I’d rather you get the book and find out for yourself how this story unfolds. The shut-In is a Bookshot, which means you can literally devour it in a couple hours. It is perfect for a train or plane ride, for lunch and coffee breaks or bedtime reading.

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What a short reading list this is! As I get busier and busier, I find that my reading time is the most deeply affected part of my life. But no matter. As long as I get to read some, my heart is happy ๐Ÿ™‚

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From my shelf to yours: May 2017 book recommendations

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